Create Young Authors Bookmaking Project Kit    **NEW CV19 Print at Home Version!** For $5.00, we will send you the file to print on your clean paper, your child can keep busy writing their book TODAY and then you send and pay for the binding LATER once complete!  No outside contamination!  Order Below and Start Writing Today!

Great for last minute Christmas or other gift.  Just print out the pages of the kit, put in a folder & wrap up with some markers or crayons.  Maybe with a letter from Santa encouraging the child to write a new book for him by next Christmas!  Ho HO HOOO!!

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Make your child the youngest author on the block! The updated digital form of the Create Young Authors Bookmaking Project Kit consists of a .pdf file you can download.  You can then print pages for your child to fill out to author their own book at home.  They contain a title page, about the author page, story pages with a window to put illustrations, along with instructions to guide the young author to write and illustrate their very own hardcover book.  Great idea if you and your child are quarantined due to the Corona Virus outbreak.  Having your child write their own story can help them to go into their own world for a bit.  Or, perhaps they can write a historical account of this historic event.  Give the gift that’s educational and that can spark the desire in a young person for reading and writing.

The kit is appropriate for children aged 4-14 (younger children will need guidance). The supplied pages can be printed out and home and filled in by hand (saves their cute handwriting for years to come).  Or they can print and then feed back into the printer if they want to have a more traditional look. Once complete, the pages are sent to Grimm Bindery for a REAL hardcover binding (using the enclosed order form).  There are also options available to make additional copies for grandparents and others.

  • Initial cost of just $5 gives you a link to our .pdf with the permission to use and print as needed for all children in the household to make their own book.  Once their books are done, use the order form to send their pages in to have their own book bound.  The prices given for the binding are discounted by almost 50% over normal bindings costs as we want to foster writing & authoring in young people.  Base cost of $27 for Hardcover Binding with title printed on spine and front in Gold with free shipping to continental US.  Additional options are also available.  Once your child has written their story, you just send it in and get a REAL BOOK back bound in a hardcover in their choice of book cloth with beautiful gold printing on the front and spine or a cover drawn by the author themselves!  We also add a handwritten letter of encouragement to the new author complimenting them on their work.
  • Great for younger children up to teenagers! Can be used for High School writing projects to get that A+.  We have a number of homeschooling parents who use our kits yearly for student projects.  Also, school districts can get additional discounts when sending books in as a group.  Send email to find out discounts for schools.
  • PDF Kit includes 29 pages, 1 order form with discounted pricing, just for your children, 2 pages describing the item with photos, 2 pages of instructions & tips, 20 pages with illustration frame for child’s drawing and room below for story to be written, 1 title page, 1 about the author page and one “the end” page. There is no limit on words or text as we will bind what is written on the page. (The ACTUAL pages that you send in are bound into the book). And now with the digital copy, there is no limit on pages either!  If over 30 pages, there is an additional $5 charge to do a different sewing, but they can write a story up to 1″ thick!!!  Your child can hand print story directly onto page or type in word processor and then feed through your home computer for printing. No special program is needed!
  • NEW DIGITAL PRODUCT!  Printing at home gives you so many more options!  **Print only pages needed, if child makes a mistake, no problem, print a new page!  Can now print as many pages as needed, no need to cut the story short.  **Older children who do not like the “illustration bubble” can print on just plain paper, insert digital photos or illustrations as well!!  **Available to ALL the children in the household (send all orders with the same order form and order number). 

Create Young Authors Bookmaking Project Kit
Cost: $5.00
Shipping: FREE (To addresses in the continental US).
Note: If you have problems downloading the file please send an email with your PayPal order number to


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