Choices of Cover Colors and Materials

Non-Leather Options


Buckram is a poly-cotton book cloth material that’s very durable. It has a heavy grain to it with a washable surface. Buckram is the most common material used by professional libraries and is sometimes referred to as F-Grade or Roxite.

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6602 Bright Red
6605 6605SM Ruby Red
6608 6608SM Maroon
6631 6631SM Lime Green
6635 6635SM Green
6663 6663SM Tan
6667 6667SM Brown
6657 6657SM Royal Blue
6648 6648SM Navy Blue
6624-2 6624SM Mustard Yellow
6617 6617SM Orange
6651 6651SM Purple
6693D 6693DSM Dark Gray
6675 6675SM Black


Imitation Leather

Imitation Leather is a cloth with different leather grains. It’s slightly thinner than Buckram, but still durable and washable. The Fabs are levant grain (wrinkly looking) while the Imitations are a finer pebble grain (black) or skiver grain (red, white and brown).

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GRFB grfbsm Green Fab
BUFB bufbsm Navy Blue Fab
RDFB rdfbsm

Maroon Fab

BKFB bkfbsm Black Fab
BRIL brfbsm Brown Imitation Leather
BIL bilsm Black Imitation Leather
RIL rilsm Red Imitation Leather
WIL WILsmnew White Imitation Leather

C Cloth

C Cloth is a lighter weight book cloth with the look of linen. There are two finishes; Vellum which is a solid matte color and Linen where the grain slightly shows through the color in a light beige with a very slight finish (not matte, not gloss).

G505 g505sm Red Vellum
G508 g508sm Maroon Vellum
G539 g539sm Green Vellum
G548 g548sm Navy Blue Vellum
G575 g575sm Black Vellum

10pt Coated Papers

10pt coated papers are a great choice for limited editions and personal copies. Not recommended for heavy use or library copies, but wears well for individual bindings and comes in some beautiful colors, shades & textures. Note that the Antiques are a shaded material with black or darker shades of the color throughout, shades shown are the overall color:


On larger orders (100+), a world of colors is also available for special order, call for more information.


B975 b975sm Black Oasis
B906 b906sm Burgundy Kid
B901 Gray Antique
B944 b944sm Medium Blue Safari
B964 b964sm Light Brown Safari
B935 b935sm Green Antique
B907 b907sm Wine Antique
B967 b967sm Brown Antique
BULB blulabelsm Blue Label
RDLB redlabelsm Red Label
BKLB blklabelsm Black Label
LE4 MangoSM Mango Levant
LE15 WoodPapersm Tiki Hut


Leather Options

Cowhides – NOTE: This line is going away due to supply chain issues – it will be replaced with a new veg tanned goat line.

Durable leather traditionally used for bookbinding. We stock a variety of colors and finishes as listed below:

Morocco & Skiver

Morocco – A somewhat rough texture made from repeating & various small pinhead sized bumps . Stamps basic type well. High detail logos may be difficult on the texture.


Skiver – A medium texture somewhere in between the Morocco & Antiques. Accepts all hot foil stamping well, including some high detail. Grain looks somewhat like horizontal waves.

blackmoroccosm Black Morocco
brownmoroccosm Brown Morocco
blackskiversm Black Skiver
redskiversm Red Skiver


Antique – A fine texture sometimes referred to as “haircell.” Accepts all hot foil stamping well, including high detail. The blue & wine have darker shading throughout to give the “antiqued” look. The Ginger shows only light shading.

wineantsm WINE ANTIQUE – Maroon with a hint of Brown
gingerantsm GINGER ANTIQUE – Rust or Toffee colored
blueantsm BLUE ANTIQUE
blackantsm BLACK ANTIQUE



Glazes: A thick, full grain aniline drum-dried leather that is soft and luxurious.  It’s traditionally used for upholstery due to it’s thickness & durability but we’ve found it makes an excellect covering for books.  Very earthy & rustic leather that looks and feels wonderful!  There is an additional charge of $30.00 over the standard leathers. The colors are as follows:

blackglzsm Obsidian (Black)
chocoglzsm Chocolate
wineglzsm Wine
navyglzsm Navy
Stormy Sky (Gray)

Other Leathers

Other binding leathers including pig skin, goat skin, and manufactured leather.

Kidskin (Goat)


Kidskin – A smoother, fine texture sometimes referred to as “haircell.” Accepts all hot foil stamping well, including high detail.

blackkidsm Black
pecankidsm Pecan
bluekidsm Navy
redkidsm Red
greenkidsm Green


Pigskins: Durable leather that’s just slightly thinner than cowhide. Accepts hot foil stamping well, including high detail:

blackpigsm Black
tanpigsm Tan
navypigsm Navy
greenpigsm Green
redpigsm Red

Bonded Leathers

Made by grinding up actual leather with some additives & then pressing out in different colors & textures. Has the look, feel and smell of actual skins but isn’t as strong. However, is less expensive than other leathers & has a uniform look (no scars or flaws). Usually ordered for an edition of 50 or more, but we often have a color or two left over for individual bindings. Currently have black, green, cranberry, navy and dark grey in stock.

blackbondsm Black Haircell
greybondsm Grey Haircell
redbondsm Red Haircell
greenbondsm Green Haircell
blackbuffsm Black Buffalo
navybuffsm Navy Buffalo
brownbuffsm Brown Buffalo
burgbuffsm Burgundy Buffalo

On larger orders (50+), a world of leathers in different colors and finishes are also available for special order, please call for more information.

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