“Will You Marry Me?” Book

Looking for creative way to ask her to marry you this Christmas? She’ll love our “Will You Marry Me?” Book customized with your own title and author along with pages or a story if desired. The book features a cutout at the end that holds the ring. Imagine the look of surprise when she turns the page and sees the ring! You can also add your own artwork to the cover or choose leather. You can do just the book without a story or make one up. Two of our artistically-inclined customers drew hand caricatures/drawings depicting their romance and the goofy things that happened to them.

Another customer did photos of shoes with a little blurb at the bottom of each one showing how their love was like shoes (cowboy boots, ballet shoes, kid shoes, etc.). What’s your idea? We’ll do whatever you dream up–we’ll print the cover and any inside pages, and add copy to the top of the cut out. Once you receive the finished book, just place your ring and the cushion into the cutout, and you’re ready to propose.

To get started, call Jen at 608-221-4443. Or, email Jen at jen@grimmbindery.com. We’ll discuss your idea, then get a quote back to you with instructions on how to submit any of your artwork or words.  Cost starts around $50 plus shipping for the base model of the hardcover book in imitation leather witih 3/4″ of paper containing cut-out for ring with your title on the front in gold.



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Laura Willard

I just received my book today. You bound a book of ABCs that my 3 year old daughter and I worked on all year as...

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